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Dosage bébé

Je suis papa depuis peu et j'oublie toujours la formule pour calculer combien de ml je dois mettre dans le biberon de ma fille. J'ai donc décidé de créer un petit script...

g  ? ml / jour (pour 5 biberons ? ml / biberons)


If you're using the belgian trains you probably already know that you can fill in a form where you list every train you took that was delayed more than 15 min to get free credits you can spend on sncb products.

I was tired of going every day on railtime to copy all the information required so I wrote a program...

So here's my python program that downloads the railtime.be timetable of yesterday for a list of train and write it in a csv file.

Eclipse Icon

If you have to deal with different versions of eclipse installed like I do, you may already encountered the fact that eclipse icon haven't changed from a version to another and you started the wrong version just because the icons look the same.

Anastasia fait-maison.com

My wife has now her own webshop to sell the jewels she's making.

Check it out !

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