Eclipse Icon

If you have to deal with different versions of eclipse installed like I do, you may already encountered the fact that eclipse icon haven't changed from a version to another and you started the wrong version just because the icons look the same.

Being bored by that I searched different free eclipse icons to distinguish them more easily and that inspired me to create an "eclipse-icon.dll" with the eclipse icon and many variation. Finally I decided to add simply a letter on top of the icon but didn't wanted to do it in a design tool so wrote a few script for that and it was really interesting.

First of all I needed to extract the icon from the exe file and used iconsext then as an ico file contains multiple versions of the icon (at different sizes) I extracted each size in a png with XnView

To watermark each icon with the letter I used the Python Imaging Library but the windows version was unable to load ttf font so did it in a debian virtual box.

While I was under linux I used ImageMagic to recreate ico files for each letter.

Then discovered how to use a .rc file to compile a .res which can be used to create the dll combining all those ico files in an icon library.

Here's a sample of the result :

You can download the eclipse-icon.dll

Or download the whole folder whith the python, bash, windows batch, ... scripts