Wifi QR-code

Il y a déjà un moment, j'avais lu qu'on pouvait faire un QR-code contenant les informations de connection à un réseau Wifi.

J'avais déjà essayé d'en généré un en Java, mais j'ai adapté ça (en python) pour qu'il soit disponnible depuis mon site à l'adresse :



If you're using the belgian trains you probably already know that you can fill in a form where you list every train you took that was delayed more than 15 min to get free credits you can spend on sncb products.

I was tired of going every day on railtime to copy all the information required so I wrote a program...

So here's my python program that downloads the timetable of yesterday for a list of train and write it in a csv file.

Eclipse Icon

If you have to deal with different versions of eclipse installed like I do, you may already encountered the fact that eclipse icon haven't changed from a version to another and you started the wrong version just because the icons look the same.

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